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RAILNSCALE - Hanomag-Henschel F20-F35
« on: February 24, 2021, 12:30:32 PM »

Let's take a look at our latest novelty: the Hanomag-Henschel F20-F35 range.

The story of the Hanomag-Henschel starts in 1963. In this year the manufacturer Tempo introduced the Matador E. In 1965 Tempo was taken over by Hanomag.
In 1967 the vehicles were facelifted. Especially the front-end was modified. From now on the cars were baptised Hanomag F20 – F35. Because of a merger in 1969 between Henschel and Hanomag, the brand was changed into Hanomag-Henschel.
Already in 1970 Mercedes-Benz took over Hanomag-Henschel over and started to produce their own version as L206D – L307 range alongside with the F20 – F35 range. In 1977 the last of these front wheel drive Mercedes-Benz vans were produced. The production of the Hanomag-Henschel halted two years before.

As these commercial vehicles were produced in the factory of Tempo in Hamburg-Harburg, these vehicles are known as ‘Harburger-Transporter’.


We start offering the following versions:
N2359 - Hanomag-Henschel F25 Minibus

N2360 - Hanomag-Henschel F25 Panel van

N2361 - Hanomag-Henschel F25 Minibus LWB

N2362 - Hanomag-Henschel F25 Panel van LWB

N2859 - SET 2x Hanomag-Henschel F25

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