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Controlling building interior lights
« on: August 22, 2020, 12:29:09 PM »
I'm at that point in life where I want to start putting some lights into my buildings. My first thought was to throw an NCE Light-it decoder into the building, and run 2 wires out of the building to connect to the track power.

My first test was on the Atlas switch tower, and it failed miserably. I could probably move the light-it to a different location and make it fit, but before going down that route I was wondering what everyone else does for interior lighting.

Toggle switches to control power to the building? Decoders to toggle the lights via JMRI? I have an LCC system for signaling, and could connect the lights to that, but I'm estimating around using 3 LEDs per building, and that will get expensive quickly. I have some really small Arduinos, I could probably figure out how to put them into the buildings, use their outputs for the lighting, and just run the equivalent of some USB cabling everywhere.

What do you guys do, what do you like about it, or what do you wish you could have done differently?

Aside from wanting some street lights and signs to be controlled to simulate "night time", I'm not exactly certain what my goals are either.