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Camera car operating voltage support etal
« on: October 07, 2019, 12:53:06 PM »
Needing a replacement for the Super-Cam  camera that I have had from the early 2000's
I bought this camera(see photo1 - camera measures 1"x1"x1.6") to use on a flatcar.
Trouble is it needs 8vdc @ 80 ma max. Not being sure how to get that voltage from an array of batteries
I decided to use this(photo 2), a DC-DC 2A Adjustable Step Up Boost Power Supply Converter Module.
It sits under the CR123A 3.7 volt battery and holder shown in photo 1 and converts 3.7v to 8 vdc.
Be sure to read manufacturers caution about applying max input voltage before the adj resistor is set correctly.

I also needed a replacement for a LED flasher on my Plastruct water tank - for the past many years I had been using a flasher glob from a serial mouse box flasher but the glob lost contact with its PC board. The board shown in photo3 uses a LM3909 flasher IC (obsolete but still available) and 1 capacitor to set the flash rate. Voltage can be 1.5v from one AA cell( good for about 6 months continuous operation)or from one of these:Step-Down DC to DC Voltage Regulator Module Inverter Power Supply( Also shown in photo 3) . I have one of these mounted with the flasher IC that is powered from 12vdc and steps that down to 1.55 volts for the flasher.
Each of the boards costs less than $1.50.