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AZL September 2018 New Items
« on: September 02, 2018, 09:24:01 AM »
September 2018 New Releases

SD70M and SD75i Upgrade Program

AZL is excited to bring back our first run of SD70M and SD75i locomotives. Originally released starting in 2006, these locomotives brought modern 6-axle North American locomotives to the rails. The locomotives have been sold out for many years. We have had quite a few requests to re-release the original variants.

Using original shells that we had on hand, AZL has upgraded these locomotives and can now offer a very limited run of each of the first run of road names. The rebuilt SD70Ms and SD75is feature a new chassis (as used in the 2014 run of SD70Ms and SD75is), new trucks, AZL’s standard PCB, upgraded directional controlled LEDs and AutoLatch TM couplers.

Our first release is BNSF in the classic war bonnet paint scheme. Three road numbers are available:

6105-1 BNSF SD75i 8276 War Bonnet

6105-2 BNSF SD75i 8285 War Bonnet

6105-3 BNSF SD75i 8294 War Bonnet

Supplies are very limited.

1937 40’ AAR Boxcars – New York Central!

AZL is offering classic NYC 1937 40’ AAR boxcars for September!

A runner pack, two-pack and single car is being released.

904311-1 NYC 1937 40´ AAR Box Car 157239 Single

904381-1 NYC 1937 40´ AAR Box Car 157206, 157231 Two-pack

914311-1 NYC 1937 40´ AAR Box Car 157200, 157202, 157204, 157237 Set   

See the American Z Line sites for more information on these and other AZL products.

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Ztrack Distribution
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