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Re: NTrak track section ruler
« Reply #15 on: January 29, 2018, 11:07:25 AM »
Interesting discussion points all around. Thanks to everyone who answered the original question, provided real world experience and fleshed out the history behind these tools and the use of various length joiners.

As for saying that we are simply sloppy, that may have been the experience with members in your particular club environment, but please don't apply that broadly to all clubs. The reality is, as has previously been discussed by other members, our modules are stored in unheated trailers and garages. In our part of the world, temperatures can range from -30 to 45 C (that's -22 to 113 F), and humidity varies across the whole range as well. We do all our module maintenance in the summer months, when the modules and track should be at their most expanded state, but that means that in the winter months the track sections we use in the summer no longer fit. It also should be noted that modules that were constructed differently will expand at varying rates, and the rail will again expand at a differing rate to the module frames.

We typically have a mix of 1 day and 2 day shows spread out all year long, and there is a noticeable problem of joiners that fit perfectly on day 1 that have then buckled on day 2 because the module has taken time to expand to ambient temperature in the room. In really hot summer months, we have even seen gaps become unacceptable as the modules cool down in the AC! In practice this means we have to change out joiners during the show, as we find these problem areas develop.

It would be unrealistic to demand that we have both "winter" modules and "summer" modules calibrated for each season that can accommodate standard length track sections, and we are not about to shorten or lengthen our track twice a year by exactly the same amount. The solution is thus to have a selection of track sections that can accommodate this expansion.

Again, thanks to everyone who provided real world feedback.
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