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Inexpensive detail sander
« on: October 03, 2016, 09:02:12 AM »
A while back I tried this as a vibration cutter. The concept of cutting did not pan out as I had hoped so it sat on my workbench:

However, I discovered a new purpose for the tool.  A sanding/filing tool that makes very quick work of just about anything, including brass.

By replacing the saw blade with a Dremel cutoff wheel, (thick or thin) the vibration is strong enough to quickly remove material because of the abrasive surface.  One of the really nice benefits is that the cutoff wheel is so flat that lanar featurs can be sanded quite nicely, keeping the surface flat, unlike dragging a part across some sandpaper or a file, curvature eventually works in.

Here is an image of my brass catenary pole etchings after folding and soldering where the folded material at the end must first be removed for the FUD base to be added.  This took about 30 seconds to remove the fold: