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N scale NS Rebar Car
« on: August 05, 2016, 01:34:33 PM »
Sharing a collaborative project between my friend TJ and myself. It's taken a little while for this project to manifest itself, but I'm pleased with the results. So this came from my interest in modeling some of Norfolk Southern's various pulpwood rack rebuilds. Besides those orange MOW tie gons, NS rebuilt a number of racks as rebar cars. Here's an example of what I was going for: NS 11230 by Pat Huemmer on

The build started with a three pack of Walther's N scale pulpwood racks from the first run. After I got them chopped and added the styrene strips, TJ gave them a coat of paint and worked up the decals. Here's pictures of the progress and results:

Working on a couple of loads for these, including some bundled rebar from speaker wire and steel slabs like the ones @Bendtracker1 shared on his Little Rock line thread.