Author Topic: Inexpensive upgrade to expensive etch bending tool  (Read 488 times)

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Inexpensive upgrade to expensive etch bending tool
« on: June 16, 2016, 10:11:42 PM »
I was struggling with the original version of the Small Shop's 5.5" Photo Etch bending tool holding very short flanges under the lip of the upper clamp plate.

the original knobs were so small I felt I could not get enough torque on the clamp plate and as I bend the parts, the short flange would come out of the clamp.  This does not make for very clean bends.

So I went up to Ace hardware and their Midway product drawer section had some nice 1/4-20 knows much larger in diameter.  Also the old knobs were a Bakelite type material which did not release well from the aluminum clamp.  This made it difficult to un-clamp the parts.  So the same drawer section has nylon 1/4 ID fender washers.  I put these under the new knobs to provide a slippery surface for maximum hand torque and resulting clamp load.

The new knobs also have a larger bearing area which also improves clamp load; the old small knob is shown to the right.

I think this is a worthwhile investment to improve the tool if you have one, and should also work with the "BUG" as well. Parts are no longer escaping the clamping force of the clamp plate.