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Seriously: DCC/Electronic forum
« on: November 08, 2014, 12:43:47 PM »
Just as I posted in the other thread:  I think the name of the forum scares and turns people away.  It really isn't a DCC forum.  Maybe it started that way, but it seems that things have evolved. As the current name shows:

DCC / Electronics
DCC, animation, lighting, and everything electronics.

But the DCC momniker is prominently shown first. To apply a little psychology, I think that a simple name change might make non-DCC people more comfortable about visiting it or placing related posts in there (instead of dumping everything in N/Z section for best visibility).  No more of "I don't use DCC - that DCC forum is not something I ever want to visit." :facepalm:

How about:

wiring, lighting installs, animation, DCC, microcomputers, everything electronics

I think that this little name change (basically a word-shuffle) would drastically reduce the fear of people from posing or visiting there.
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