Author Topic: Do you have or have you had dead track modeled into you layout?  (Read 490 times)

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Years ago my wife and my dad encouraged me to start up another layout.  Before my wife could change her mind I built a 12' x 6' table with a 2' x 8' open area in the middle.  Mind thought was get it built and claim the square footage.  I did not have much time to plan out the track.  Any way long story short, I have added on three extensions and reworked the track several times.  It is almost there.  Anyway I had an extension that was just begging to be widend so I could add more tracks.  I am thinking a baggage express area with 2-3 tracks.  I am trying to decide how to tie them into the layout.  I can branch it off of my passenger terminal station which has 8 tracks.  I could break it off of the mainline.  Or I could simply model the tracks and supporting structures as a diarama, or wire it up as a stand alone, but small point to point.  Think 8' long with a minimum width of 6" and a maximum width of 12".

My guess is wire it up.  I am not into operations, I have a thing for baggage and express cars so they will mostly sit "being loaded or unloaded". 

What do you think and or what have you done?

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