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2 car garage with loft Sss
« on: October 16, 2013, 12:20:42 PM »

In chat, Ed(3up3dn) and I were talking about how I could stay out of trouble by doing another scratch project. A  2 car garage with train room was mentioned by Ed. Oddly, back in 1982, our 1st house had no room for a layout, and we wanted a garage. There was no way to do it attached, so I built this 2 car garage, with a loft, from plans that I got at Lowes.  You guessed it, I did a layout in the loft. This project may be a bit modern for some, but it is in fact, a set of sketches for a genuine (in my case), layout containing garage.

Since this set of sketches is of a building that I actually constructed 1:1, I will also do the N scale version, from these sketches and templates. I was surprised to find the plans on line, so it made doing the sketches easier. The footprint is 1 13/16 x 1 15/16. You can detail the interior to include the layout table and plan, or you can make your own with the extra template provided. The ambitious can make a loft wraparound layout!

I recommend using styrene as wood thicknesses can be too big and look out of scale. Also, recommended glue is a plastic solvent cement type, such as “Ambroid Pro-Weld”, for superior results compared to other glues. There are 6 plain windows that are custom made with frames (templates included) and blister pack plastic. Paint parts before assembly, except where the edges glue to other parts.

The building directions are in the sketches, and to make your build easier you can enlarge them to full size and print them out. Read directions in assembly sketches before cutting out parts as you may want to change some sizes or cut fewer, or additional, openings.

Included sketches are: Overview sketches, Parts templates,  Assembly sketches  and PDF’s.  Also included is 2 pics of my build.

To print the part templates actual size, use the PDF's. Select best printer quality, set PDF zoom to 100%, and page scaling to "none" or actual size. Check your printed page to see that 3" lines are exactly 3" long. Once you have template printed, you can cut with scissors (leave a 1/8" border) and arrange on your material for maximum sheet usage. Part templates for siding are a mirror image, when needed, so that you can cut walls with siding side down (easier to cut). Be sure siding grooves are oriented correctly. Use rubber cement or Krylon Easy Tack Repositionable Adhesive to glue paper templates to your material and then just cut on lines. No measuring ! Paper comes off easily.

Roofing material is your choice. You can print your own, or Rich at Rslaserkits has some good choices.

Follow assembly sketch directions.

PDF links:


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Re: 2 car garage with loft Sss
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2013, 02:58:32 PM »
Another win Gary. I can see DKS having to scale down every HCD plan he's ever done so they can be printed and used.
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