Author Topic: Work Around #1 CSX B3x-7s  (Read 555 times)

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Work Around #1 CSX B3x-7s
« on: October 05, 2013, 09:48:44 PM »
Skipping SNFF with the hope of not ending up buried in a pile of unrelated stuff - at home for a few days celebrating a new arrival...

Work Around No. 1 was posted awhile back with the question "What CSX decals are the right size for this model" - working on a hunch I bought the "CSX Transportation Diesels 1990+" at the recent Atlanta train show and the hood decals are much better scaled.

So - 5509, 5530, 5580 are now added to 5539 and 5564

First - 5509 with its stripes.  bought the BC Rail engines as chassis and didn't realize they came with shells - they'll probably become 5800 units. 



Atlas makes 5562 and another road that escapes me.  I had a little fun way back modifying the paint job:

5564 (needs to renumber the cab)

Next: the 5800s - there will be 5...just gotta find the chasis

These are some of my fav CSX locomotives from Florida 2003-2007 (college, when I really started taking photos).  anyone else have pictures to share?