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HO Scale Concrete Barriers
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HO Scale Concrete Barriers
Great Lakes Models


Here is our new product.
They are available in 3 different quantities.

 available at


Product Info

Concrete Barriers

HO Scale

020 002 415 010-04



4 pieces


Concrete Barriers

HO Scale

020 002 415 010-08



8 pieces


Concrete Barriers

HO Scale

020 002 415 010-16


16 pieces





Our Concrete Barriers are made out of a Lead Free white metal and are easily paintable with a Concrete Color. They are exact replicas of the 4' Straight V-Block Concrete Barrier.


Concrete Barriers came out around the time of the Interstate Building Project of the 1950s. Concrete plants could use the left over cement at the end of the day to produce Barriers. They would then use these Barriers to form bins to hold their Aggregate, Sand, etc. As other companies started looking at these Barriers, they became more common during the 1980s.  In 1994 World Block Company started selling the metal form for the V Groove version and the use exploded. Now you see them everywhere from job sites to Railroad Yards.  Landscaping Companies use them as bins or even just as retaining walls, etc. Since Barriers have become more standard now there is even a resale market out there and Construction Companies will have piles of Barriers in their yards.



Options for use:


1) Used to form bins at: Cement Plants, Rail Yards, Landscape Company or Construction Company Yard, Farms to hold Sand, Aggregate, Ballast, Feed and Grain, etc.

2) Construction Company Yard all stacked as a pile.

3) Job site as a Barrier to keep cars out.

4) End of a road as a Barrier.

5) Parking lot as a Barrier for trucks.

6) Retaining Wall.

7) On a Farm to hold Grain and Feed in.

8) A couple stacked to help support temporary poles or light posts at a job site.



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