Author Topic: Watching Trains & Locomotives...UP colors...  (Read 4591 times)

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Watching Trains & Locomotives...UP colors...
« on: September 02, 2013, 08:19:04 PM »
I am watching T&L on RFD and a 15 car UP business train does not match.  There are three distinct shades oddly enough.  One looks to me like the Kato COLA, one looks more like the older Kato UP colors, and the third looks the Centralia colors. 

I think variation "back in the day" of regular operations is one thing but I found the business train to be a little unusual since you are talking about a small number of cars by comparison and it is meant to be a true marketing tool in the purest sense. 

This was the 50th anniversary for LAUPT show.

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