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Clinic Line-Up For National Narrow Gauge Convention

Clinic # 21:   Columbia River Jetty Construction Railroads.

Clinic Presenter: Kobes Gary

Clinic Subject: Concurrent with the IR&N in southwest Washington, within 10 miles of Ilwaco there were a series of three foot narrow gauge railroads used by the US Army Corps of Engineers on a number of jetty projects (The Columbia River North and South Jetties, the A Jetty and the Sand Island spur dams).  These projects spanned the period from 1885 to 1940. Focus on unique construction railroad equipment and construction methods.
Clinic # 22: Modeling a Realistic Western Forest 
Clinic Presenters: Maxwell Burton & Patricia 
Clinic Subject:  In this informative PowerPoint & Hands On clinic, Burton and Pat Maxwell combining a little history of the West Side Logging Company with a lot of hands-on tips on modeling that could apply to any logging railroad layout. From design, through construction, to buildings, rolling stock and scenery, Burton and Pat share practical information to make a logging layout look so real, you’ll swear you smell pine trees and sawdust.
Clinic # 23: West Side Lumber Company: Train operations & Layout Modeling
Clinic Presenter: McCartney Tim
Clinic Subject:  The clinic will review the train operations of the West Side Lumber company of Tuolumne California with an emphasis on recreating prototypically correct applications to model layouts of all sizes.  In addition ideas will be suggested to utilize the West Side’s extensive non-revenue car roster and add interesting switching operations to a single commodity logging line.

Clinic # 24: Unlocks the secrets of the Soundtraxx Tsunami decoder
Clinic Presenter: Moiganard Mick
Clinic Subject:  The clinic we'll offer a number of installation tips and suggestions, with the bulk of the session devoted to programming the decoder to get the ultimate imitation of the prototype.  We will concentrate on steam locomotives, but recognize that many of the principles are applicable to diesels too.  You'll go away with hints and tips for your next installation and be ready to improve the programming of your existing fleet.  Questions will be answered during the clinic."
Clinic # 25: Modeling the Sonoran Desert
Clinic Presenter: Niner Verne
Clinic Subject:  TBD

Clinic # 26: Operating trains with link and pin couplers
Clinic Presenter: Niner Verne
Clinic Subject:  TBD

Clinic # 27: Cars of the Carson & Colorado:  A Tentative Overview
Clinic Presenter: Norden Brian

Clinic Subject:  This is a PowerPoint presentation using vintage photographs, and other illustrations to review the passenger and freight cars of the Carson & Colorado prior to the sale of the line to the SP and the resulting Tonopah Boom that caused additional equipment to be brought onto the line.

Clinic # 28: The Carson & Colorado over Montgomery Pass (Higher than Donner) 
Clinic Presenter: Norden Brian

Clinic Subject:  This is a PowerPoint presentation using both vintage and present-day photographs to illustrate the construction of the railroad over Montgomery Pass.  Quotes from the letters of H. M. Yerrington to D.O. Mills are used to help tell the story. This crossing of the White Mountains was higher and steeper than Donner Pass; the railroad had deep cuts and tall fills, twists and turns, and a tunnel to make this difficult crossing.

Clinic # 29:  Looking at the Carson & Colorado a tour over the line with vintage photographs
Clinic Presenter: Norden Brian

Clinic Subject:  This is a PowerPoint presentation using vintage photographs to illustrate the route, general country and facilities of the Carson and Colorado Railroad.

Clinic # 30: Painting and Weathering Stone & Concrete for Walls and Roads
Clinic Presenter: Simmons Jimmy
Clinic Subject:  Jimmy will demonstrate various painting and weathering with powders to create realistic looking stone and concrete walls and roads.

Clinic # 31: Advanced modeling Techniques using Weathering Powders.
Clinic Presenter: Simmons Jimmy
Clinic Subject:  In this clinic Jimmy will show you how to create with weathering powders realistic looking Worn Metal, and Rust.  He will also demonstrate various uses of weathering powders as a wash, how to paint with weathering powders and how to blend and finish weathering powders.

Clinic # 32: Inland waterways - A photographic look at paddle wheelers, barges, transfers, wharfboats, dredges, and warping tugs
Clinic Presenter: Small Andy
Clinic Subject:  A photographic look at various watercraft associated with the inland waterways of North America. "Like peas and carrots" the history of North America's inland waterways are tied to the history of rail service. You are welcome to attend this photographic study of the various commercial aspects of our water highways, where vessel draft and environment greatly impacted the design and use of these craft. This clinic will cover the steam powered paddlewheel towboats that plied the Western rivers up until the 1960s, the rafters that moved timber, and the Pacific Northwest steamers that were the lifeblood of that region. The clinic will also look at the dredges that cut massive irrigation ditches throughout the plains, simple rail transfers, the wharfboats that where the local piers and storehouses, shipways, the small local ferries (both steam and horse powered) that connected communities, and the small amphibious "Alligator" warping tugs that were the mainstay of Canadian logging industry. Attendees will come away with online resources and list of print references, a mini CD-ROM with photograph subjects, and maybe some new and creative modeling ideas.

Clinic # 32: Painting Back Drops
Clinic Presenter: Stangler Mike
Clinic Subject:  Mike will demonstrate various techniques he uses to paint backdrops.  He will discuss the various types of paint used, brushes and how each is used, and how to use color to create depth

Clinic # 33: Dead Rail Society
Clinic Presenter: Steinmetz Pete
Clinic Subject:  Tired of cleaning track? Do not want to wire your layout?  We have just the clinic for you!  The Dead Rail Society is a group of individuals that use battery power and radio control to run their locomotives. This clinic will discuss how to control locomotives with sound decoders, batteries and radio control.  Dead Rail can be used with or without current DCC systems. Pete will tell you how to integrate Dead Rail into your locomotives and set up your layout.  Currently available radio systems will be discussed.  Battery discussion will include availability, size, sources, and how to safely charge batteries. Experts who installed these systems will be on hand.  Audience participation is encouraged.

Clinic # 39:  Cuban Narrow Gauge Sugar Trains 2000 - 2013
Clinic Presenter: Treves Jack
Clinic Subject:  This clinic features video from most of the working narrow gauge mills that was shot during the 1999-2000 Zafra (Zafra is the Spanish Cuban word for harvesting).  2000 was one of the last years of steam glory in Cuba, with 150 mills (narrow and standard gauge). Today, there are less than 50 operating mills, with no more narrow gauge railroads or steam.  To keep the memory of Cuban Narrow Gauge Steam alive, 2013 will be represented by a video of a model Cuban narrow gauge mill (On30 scale) with views of its construction and an operating session.  This presentation was shown in Seattle in 2012 to the On30 group and is brought back by popular demand.
Clinic # 36:  Building Layout Stuff - 1- Structures
Clinic Presenter: Vail Jim
Clinic Subject:  In this presentation, Jim will discuss various techniques for building models of bridges, trestles and structures that he used in the building of his Glenwood & Black Creek narrow gauge layout including materials used, painting & weathering.

Clinic # 37: Building Layout Stuff - 2- Rolling Stock & Details
Clinic Presenter: Vail Jim

Clinic Subject:  In this presentation, Jim will discuss various techniques for building models of rolling stock, vehicles and various details that he used in the building of his Glenwood & Black Creek narrow gauge layout including materials used, painting & weathering.

Clinic # 38: Modeling a Country Grain Elevator 
Clinic Presenters: Van Arnem Bob & Beverly
Clinic Subject:  In this presentation, Bob will share his research information that includes historic photos, diagrams, prototype operation and other information about grain elevators.  He will also show his scratch-building techniques and how he used jigs and fixtures in the models construction. The prototype and model were featured in August 2009, and August & September 2012, issues of Railroad Model Craftsman. 

Clinic #39: The Ghost of Gasoline Alley
Clinic Presenter: Wehr Richard
Clinic Subject:  Richard will present a history of the American Gasoline Station, the research and resources available to the modeler, and examples of Kit built and Scratch-built model gas stations by some of the best modelers across the United States.  This is a must attend clinic if you are planning to model a gas station on your layout. 

Clinic # 40:  Layout Sound the Other Image 
Clinic Presenter: Wells Jim 
Clinic Subject:  An honest overview and discussion about sound for the layout (off board off line).  The clinic will look at the nature of human hearing and scale sound, the current state of the art, and the future of sound within the hobby, followed by a lively question & answer session.

Clinic # 41: Sound as a Serious Scale Model 

Clinic Presenter: Wells Jim
Clinic Subject:  Any sound is more fun than silence, but our layouts should (and can!) sound…as believable as they look.  This clinic will be an honest examination of the difference between “toy sound” and what constitutes a genuine scale sound model.  We will briefly look at the things that make a quiet sound sound big, and how sound can be kit bashed, or scratch built. The session will end with a Q & A session.