Author Topic: Solution to extend your reach across a deep shelve type of layout  (Read 894 times)

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I bought a small utility ladder some time back for use where I didn't need a 6' stepladder and have now discovered it mostly solves the problem of reaching to the rear of my around the wall layout especially when the level of the tabletop is high. Mine is 44" above the floor.

I got it from Home Depot for $50.;

While not cheap, it will come in handy since it elevates me above the layout and allows me to lean across without touching the scenery (at least most of it). Attached is a pic showing what I mean. NO, it's not perfect, I still have to watch anything near the outer edge of the layout, but it's a huge improvement over without it.

I am going to see if I can extend the top 'handrail' higher so to give additional clearance over the edge of the tabletop.

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