Author Topic: Bachmann UP 4-6-0 a Credable Foob  (Read 671 times)

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Bachmann UP 4-6-0 a Credable Foob
« on: January 09, 2011, 06:14:04 PM »
      I recieved my two 4-6-0's one UP the other painted unlettered with red cab windows. First off let me state that I'am aware that most of the Union Pacific 4-6-0 locos in their later careers had vandy tenders,like Ritchey is detailing for his or the UP lettered Model Power one I have purchased and will have to figure out how to wire up to my locomotive. The model locomotive looks enough like UP locos that if you are not a UP 1950's modeler (Ritchey) it would probably pass at first glance with out specific detailing. My big gripe is Bachmann did not quite take the time to research the locomotive numbering.My photo source book Volume 21 Union Pacific 4-6-0 Ten Wheel puplished by the UP Historical society is what I'am going by.The Bachmann locomotive is numbered 1590. Checking the book we see there are locomotives with 1500 series numbers ,but only a 1593 and 1596 belonging to subsidary L.A. & S.L. and that the 1500 series locomotives were otherwise O.S.L. Oregon Short Line subsidary locos. Union Pacific's locomotives had 1200 and 1300 numbers like the famous 1242 & 1243 Ritchie is modeling. To further upset me more below the number on the rear of the tender are the O.W.R.& N. initials for subsidary Oregon Washington Railway and Navagation Company ,my book shows all their locomotives to have 1700 series numbers. All this aside,the model is still very nice, they run smoothly and quietly,it is cool that the high mounted headlight operates, as it does on the Atlas Micro Ace 2-6-0 locos. The drivers are blackned. I coupled one of mine to a twenty car train of mixed weight and leingth freight cars with metal wheels, it pulled this train halfway around my layout on flat track before wheel slip. A ten car train made it all the way around. Nate Goodman (Nato). Salt Lake, Utah.