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Happy New Year 2011! Foto recap 2010 from X2011 West
« on: January 01, 2011, 05:26:38 PM »
X2011 West, the NMRA National Convention 2011 Committee, wants to wish everyone a wonderful 2011.  

Looking back to 2010, below is a handy recap photo highlight / URL reference list of all
the 'you-are-there' photo/video model railroad reporting that X2011 West Facebook team and Convention Committee
was fortunate to bring to you via the X2011 West Facebook public web page launched July 2010 NMRA National Convention.

All the real-time reported material can be seen by anyone, no need to be a member of Facebook or logon to Facebook to
see all the material.  Please feel free to share the links below from 2010 with anyone, it's meant for all to enjoy.

If you do have a Facebook logon, interact with us and everyone else there.   We especially look forward to hearing
from our worldwide interested model railroaders.

2011 will feature even more ramped up real-time reporting of interesting model railroad
events, leading up to NMRA National Convention July 3-9, 2011 in Sacramento.  Also remember there
is an with an Advance Section pre-convention (more layout prototype and general tours and clinics)
centered in the San Francisco Bay Area July 1-3, 2011.  All the registration information is at:

You can also see us at:

Happy New Year 2011!


Happy New Year 2011: Narrow Gauge will be at NMRA Sacramento, including Scott Robertson On30 (Narrow Gauge Gazette Nov/Dec 2010)

Photo URL:

Christmas 2010:     Jack Burgess HO Yosemite Valley will be open

Photo URL:!/album.php?aid=37488&id=104852949549706
Video URL:   
Video URL:

Nov 2010:  Otis McGee HO Shasta Division will be open  (Great Model RRs 2011)

Photo URL:

Nov 2010:  Co-located at X2011 West Sacramento will be National Association S Gauge Convention - included with your NMRA convention!:

Photo URL:

Oct 2010:  Jim Dias Western Pacific HO layout will be open

Photo URL:

X2011 West YouTube Video URL:  

Oct 2010:  reported live from British Region NMRA Convention 2010:

Photo URL:
Photo URL:
Photo URL:

Oct 2010:  reported live from Railroad Prototype Modelers Naperville 2010:

Photo URL:

Oct 2010:  Open will be Kent Williams's N scale Oregon Washington Navigation & Railway (RMC Nov 2010)

Photo URL:

Oct 2010:  reported live from SP Historical Convention 2010 Sacramento, shows lot about Sacramento:

Photo URL:   (SP Historical Convention)
Photo URL:   (SP HO 2-10-2s)

Photo URL:   (SP Model room)

Photo URL:   (Sac area layouts)

Photo URL:   (Sac Valley Live Steamers)

Sacramento area layouts on video:
Video URL:
Video URL:
Video URL:

Sept 2010:  reported on Gil Freitag (recovering from stroke) - tribute photo of Gil's backyard:

Photo URL:

July 2010:  reported live from NMRA 75th Anniversary Nationals Milwaukee

Photo URL, NMRA Contest Room, Show/Tell:
Photo URL, Tim Warris' Bronx Terminal HO layout in Show/Tell:
Photo URL, Prototype Modelers:

Layout Tours:

Photo URL, NAPM club layout:

Photo URL, Andy Sperandeo's 1947 Cajon Pass:

Photo URL, LDSIG layout tour:
Photo URL, Bob Perrin's Illinois Central (IC):
Photo URL, Jim Kelly's N scale Tehachapi:

Photo URL, NTS 2010:
Photo URL, Milwaukee convention site/people:

Video URL, Bob Perrin's IC:
Video URL, Bob Perrin's IC:
Video URL, Don Cook's GN:
Video URL, NAPM club 1:
Video URL, NAPM club 2:
Video URL, Andy Sperandeo 1:
Video URL, Andy Sperandeo 2:

July 2010:  reported live from O Scale Nationals in Santa Clara, CA

Photo URL:

June 2010:  reported live from Bay Area Prototype Modeler's Meet:


Photo URL:

June 2010:  reported live on *All Scales* Layout Tours at National N Scale Convention Houston (N, HO, S, G):

G scale:

N scale:

Photo URL, Tues:
Photo URL, Wed:
Photo URL, Thur:
Video URL, Barry Bogs indoor G #1:
Video URL, Barry Bogs indoor G #2:

Previous years NMRA Nationals (Anaheim 2008) on X2011 West Facebook:

National Train Show 2008 Anaheim:
Anaheim NMRA Nationals photos:

Great examples of Scale Model Modeling:

Photo URL:


Again, Happy New Year 2011, all, and feel free to share these free
and enjoyable photos with all.   Peace and Prosperity to you all worldwide in 2011!
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