Author Topic: Walthers Chicago & Northwestern Green Color is not correct  (Read 631 times)

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     I decided to put together a short C. & N. W. Passenger train to run on my layout for awhile. I did not want to dig out my Con Cor or Rivarossi cars just use the Walthers and Rapido cars I have reciently recieved. The two Walthers baggage cars I have model the later simplified paint scheme with the road name in yellow on a green letterboard instead of the nice silver letters with black outline found on the older paint scheme modeled on the Rapido cars and no black side striping. This is ok as the railroad mixed paint schemes tgether during the transition to the newer scheme,but it was highly noticeable that the green used on the Walthers cars is too light and bright it should be darker with a blackish cast to it as correctly done on the Rapido cars. The Life Like E-8,E-6,E-7 diesels have the correct shade of green. The lettering and striping is much improved on the E-7,E-6 diesels compaired to the E-8.A zillion years ago Con Cor got the green correct on their smooth side cars. Rivarossi also got the green correct on both lightweight cars and the heavyweights they did for Con Cor,but they goofed on their cars and E-8/9 diesel like they did for UP. They painted the car and locomotive ends yellow, they should be green like UP should be gray. I corrected the problem with a dark green military color from the British company Humbrol which came/comes? in small metal cans with pry off lids. Nate Goodman (Nato).Salt Lake, Utah.