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« on: January 26, 2009, 06:51:06 PM »
One of the best aspects of Z scale model railroading, aside from the trains themselves, has always been the people and the responsive manufacturers that make up the Z scale community. The sense of new users being welcomed in and the sharing of information has always been a strong suit in Z. The folks at Micro-Trains® Line and share in the goal of making new users to Z scale feel like there's always an open door for them, no question is too basic.

This is the thinking behind the new Z Basics area of Sponsored by Micro-Trains® Line... we look to help Z scale beginners, and those new to model railroading who have chosen to begin in Z, get off to a solid start in this great hobby.

Z Basics will grow into a comfortable place for the Z scale beginner to come to for... yes... the basics. Thanks to Micro-Trains® Line for supporting this effort.

John Cubbin
Z Scale (1:220) Model Railroading