Author Topic: Model RR trick was used by the prototype.  (Read 1032 times)

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Model RR trick was used by the prototype.
« on: September 14, 2008, 01:28:33 PM »
You know how they say there's a prototype for everything? Recall hearing about modelers that had cars lettered differently on each side so that the train appeared to be a different one when it negotiated a reversing loop? Well, guess what, it wasn't only the Aussies that had private owner cars with different ads, for different products, on each side of a billboard reefer.

There are at least three examples in the new Billboard Reefers tome from Signature Press. The most different is a Cudahy Refrigerator Lines car, 8702, with "Old Dutch Cleanser" and the old lady on one side and "Cudahy Sunlight Brand" poultry and eggs on the other in completely different lettering and colors. Schott Brewing Co. has a "Schott's Old Lager" logo on one side and "Highland Beer" on the other.  Finally NestlĂ© advertises "Every Day" condensed milk on one side of MLKX 103 and "Lion Brand" condensed milk on the other.

I know Paul Graf reads The Railwire and I'm sure he or Dave Casdorph have a copy of the book, or will soon. Dare ya to do the Cudahy car, boys!!  ;) 8)
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