Author Topic: MHF container for the upcoming N Scale Kits Trash Train Spine Car, update  (Read 1346 times)

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I finally casted the first containers. Unfortunately I had to change the details on the bottom of the container to a flat surface.

They still nicely stack right out of the box/ZipLock bag.

I super detailed one container with styrene square rods, which will be provided, in less than five minutes including sand down 1 mm to get the right height after adding the pieces.
There is also a second (less time consuming) detailing option, that only includes to glue 4 connector feed to the bottom of the container to get a bigger gap between the containers when stacked. A styrene strip will be provided for that upgrade as well.

This shows the difference between the out of the box (below) and super-detailed container.

The decals are almost done and I should have the first finished container this weekend.