Author Topic: Amtrak Phila Div. Phila Terminal to Zoo Interlocking (Harrisburg Main Line)  (Read 1569 times)

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I have been using Ken Reinert's Amtrak characteristic maps he created while working for Amtrak in 92 to develop my layout, but I am confused about a couple of the track alignments, all on Dia. 03 link below.

On Dia. 03 Zoo (High Line, Upper Level ["K" tower, Mt. Vernon], River Line), on the Harrisburg line (near bottom of the page) track No. 1 and No. 2 seems to appear out of nowhere as there is no tracks leading to it from the 30th. St Station as shown in Dia. 02 Penn (north end).

Also I am kinda of confused as where does the "Harrisburg Line Single Track" go, does it connect to the "New York-Pittsburgh Subway"? Also where does the No. 03 Track from the 36th St. tunnel go when it is on the bottom of the page?  As I can not find any reference points for them in Dia. 04 Zoo (Mantua, Harrisburg Line ["JO"]) .
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I'll need to check this when i get home, against my paper maps; might be tomorrow afternoon before i dig them all out. I've got separate maps for the track and catenary both; so between them we should be able to work it out.
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Holy double-slip switch, Batman!  I'd love to see an N scale module of the west Philly PRR plant.  Keep us updated!