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Kato Mikado parts help
« on: August 05, 2007, 09:59:39 PM »
I got my second Kato Mikado and decided to sit down with the article from N-scale and add the new micro Tsunami to it. Being cheap, this wasn't a new Mikado but one I bought on eBay.

As I take it apart I find I'm missing a few parts, guess the original owner was going to 'fix' it somehow and got sidetracked. I could use 1 of the little black handrail standoffs, I need the curved style that go in the front hole of the boiler, not the shorter straight ones that go in all the other holes. I'd appreciate if anyone had extras and could just tape it to a piece of paper and mail me one. I don't have any extras from my first one, those little pieces go flying and I went through all 4 they have on the sprue just to get the 2 on the loco.  :-[

I could also use a light board. That isn't as big a deal, as I've plenty of resistors and LEDs in house here and I can easily enough wire a light in and make power pickups in place of using the board so it isn't as big a deal as the missing fidly bit  ;) Especially considering I'm already in there wiring up a decoder.

Unfortunately the worst offending missing piece is the pair of running boards (I think that's the correct description). Its the pair of black pieces that go over the cylinders and have the small ladders on them. I'm hoping that these got replaced doing one of the GHQ conversions so that someone would be able to part with these bits. To buy them from Kato, I'd have to buy the entire shell assembly, a rather expensive option.

The fiddly bits sprues are out of stock at Kato parts as is the light board, so I'm asking folks here for a bit of help.