Author Topic: Relettering Intermountain decorated models  (Read 1292 times)

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Relettering Intermountain decorated models
« on: July 30, 2006, 05:32:36 AM »
Has anyone tried renumbering any of the newer Intermountain releases?  I have a set of FP7s to do and I would like to know if anyone has discovered a good way to remove the factory lettering with minimal damage to the paint underneath.  None of the usual tricks (ELO, solvaset, white pencil erasers) seem to work.


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Re: Relettering Intermountain decorated models
« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2006, 02:48:37 AM »
did you try 90% rubbing alcohol? joe's gel may work too, but i'm not sure if he's still in business. if absolutely nothing works, you are going to have to strip the shell bare, and start from scratch. is the lettering real thick and raised? if you can run your finger over it, and feel the outlines of the letters, it's a thick pad print. if you can't feel anything, or paint color dividing lines, you may be able to just re-paint it without stripping. but, that's what i would do, if all else fails. you don't want to ruin it over a bunch of letters. sometimes, if you are patient and careful, 1600 grit sandpaper will remove the letters without harming the paint. it's a finishing grit paper, used to smooth out rough spots in plastic, wood, putty, etc. i used it on a stubborn kato sd40, and it worked, and the paint was never touched.

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