Author Topic: Scaletrains N CSX ET44 resolution  (Read 343 times)

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Scaletrains N CSX ET44 resolution
« on: February 05, 2023, 10:52:26 AM »
Received email from Scaletrains regarding the new run (4th) CSX ET44 error. The engine was supposed to have angled exhaust box but has the older square box. Here is what the email says;

N Scale Rivet Counter CSX ET44 4th Run Purchasers
As mentioned in the video… if you purchased a Rivet Counter™ N Scale CSX ET44 from the latest run, we inadvertently changed the body item number on the artwork supplied to our factory and didn’t catch our mistake until after the models became available. To remedy the situation, we’re offering two solutions.
Once they’re printed, we can send the appropriate road number decal and printed number boards at no charge. In addition, we’ll place a $25 store credit on your account to use on future purchases like the soon-to-be released DASH-9s, Standard Turbines, Multi-Maxes, and 42’ Single-Hood Coil Cars.
Or, we can send a complimentary replacement shell with the angled exhaust when they become available later this year. Swapping shells is as easy as removing the two coupler screws, removing the coupler boxes, replacing the shell, and reinstalling the coupler boxes and screws.
Please let us know your choice by clicking the button below and completing the requested information.

Mistakes happen.I'm glad they are making this right. I think I will be opting for a new shell.