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Rapido Announces C30-7
« on: June 13, 2022, 04:21:37 PM »

Rapido is happy to announce the next in our series of classic General Electric locomotives, the C30-7 in HO scale.


The C30-7 was General Electric’s improvement of the U30C locomotive, featuring a 16-cylinder 3,000 horsepower diesel engine. Built between September 1976 and May 1986, over 1100 units were produced for many of the Class I railroads across the United States for use primarily in heavy-haul freight. A fair number would go on to have extended careers with both short/regional lines and private industrial railroads, owing to the locomotives reliability and pulling power.


It is, perhaps, the most polarizing locomotive from the 1980s and early 90s. The C30-7 was GE's answer to the SD40-2. When one thinks of Powder River and coal, the C30-7 isn't far behind. Burlington Northern owned the most in the States, with just over 240 examples. Santa Fe was a distant second with 157 C30s.


The C30-7 later gave way to the similar C36-7, as well as various unique models such as the Conrail C30-7A and the BC Rail C36-8m, rebuilt from former Conrail C30-7s.
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Re: Rapido Announces C30-7
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2022, 04:43:16 PM »
You switching scales?   ;)

Just curious how many survive, operable today?  I'd venture to guess, not too many
The EMD SD40-2 which it is noted this unit was built to compete with had 4,175 examples built with many still operating today.
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Re: Rapido Announces C30-7
« Reply #2 on: June 13, 2022, 04:59:00 PM »
Interesting. Curious to see how this compares with the Atlas model. The artwork for N&W #8020 shows the long hood bell, which is correct for the first 40 units or so.

At that price they better have correct triple clasp trucks that all N&W units were delivered with. Ok, well, everything should be correct at that price.  :D