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New B&O Museum HO Layout
« on: December 03, 2021, 07:38:31 AM »

The model of the stadium has 21,000 hand painted human figures.  :o  (And I'm intimidated by a patch of trees.  :facepalm:)

From the museum announcement:

"We're proud to announce the opening of The B&O's brand new Model Train Gallery, sponsored by Bank of America! Opening on December 6, 2021, this HO scale model train layout, designed by Jeff Springer of Custom Model Railroads of Baltimore, was donated by an anonymous donor and showcases Baltimore in the year 1997!  Kids and adults alike will get lost in the exquisite detail of Baltimore. The layout depicts a magical time in the city, where the Orioles’ won the American League Division Series against the Seattle Mariners on October 5, 1997. The players are all perfectly matched for accuracy and the stadium contains 21,000 hand-painted stick figures by MICA students.

"There’s much more to see, such as watching operating models traveling from the Inner Harbor, through downtown Baltimore, and across the city north to the suburbs - all the while passing through significant landmarks in the city, again all showcased in intricate detail. Model trains and holidays go hand-in-hand, and starting Dec. 6, the gallery will be open to the public during Museum hours."

I do not personally have any connection with this project - I just want to pass on the info for others to enjoy.


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Re: New B&O Museum HO Layout
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2021, 11:18:45 PM »
This sounds awesome. Another large model to check out if you get a chance is in the basement of the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia. It's a 1:200 scale model of the Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia.