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AZL August 2021 New Items Part 1
« on: August 01, 2021, 09:27:19 AM »
August 2021 New Releases Part 1

EMD F7 A & B sets and single A– Wabash

New for August, AZL is releasing Wabash EMD F7 sets and single A! This is the first Wabash locomotive released by AZL. These locos are ideal for AZL’s previously released Wabash passenger cars!

63009-1 Wabash EMD F7A & F7B 1155, 1107B A - B Set
63009-2 Wabash EMD F7A 1158

The EMD F7s feature AZL’s 7mm motor, dual flywheels, metal steps, directional controlled LED lighting, optional front truck with mounted coupler, blackened metal wheels, AutoLatch couplers and they come DCC ready.

R-70-20 Reefers – NRDX – Cold Train

Cars are available in a four-pack, two-pack and single car.

914807-1 (NRDX) Cold Train R-70-20 Reefer 13261 Single
914837-1 (NRDX) Cold Train R-70-20 Reefer 13256, 13260 Two-pack
904807-1 (NRDX) Cold Train R-70-20 Reefer 13107, 13109, 13122, 13255 Set

ATSF EMD F7 A & Bs now available as singles!

AZL is now offering the ATSF EMD F7 A and B units as singles. The following are available:

63001-4 ATSF EMD F7A 41C
63001-5 ATSF EMD F7A 39
63001-6 ATSF EMD F7A 40C
63001-7 ATSF EMD F7A 38
63001-8 ATSF EMD F7A 38C   
63001-9 ATSF EMD F7A 40
63001-10 ATSF EMD F7A 39C
63001-X ATSF EMD F7B no roadnumber

See the American Z Line site for more information on these and other AZL products.

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