Author Topic: My aim was to make BX cable  (Read 745 times)

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My aim was to make BX cable
« on: April 29, 2021, 01:44:26 PM »

Messing around with aluminum scrap loads I wanted some , well a lot of BX cable for coils and snips for mixed loads . I bought some .016 aluminum wire and I began squeezing it with various pliers with some success . The problem with that method was it is a pain and takes some time to do . Then I came up with another method . I made a tool to roll the valleys into the wire . Some hex to fit the 1/8th in carbide shafted bits , a piece of corrugated box staple soldered on as a keeper . The bit is removable . Just take a piece of thin cardboard and drape it over the arm of your couch . Take a 4 inch or so section of wire and hold the far end , with your other hand draw the embosser over the wire towards you a couple of times . Repeat while rotating the wire , then to the other end , and center . Takes about 2 minutes .

The bad news is if you coil the BX as is often found the detail mostly lost on the outside edges . Also .016 is 2 to 3 inches , though it doesn't look so .

The good news is 1/2 in long snips of it look good in a mixed scrap pile .

Single cut 1/2 x 1/4 cutter should be good for BX runs on the wall , and if painted green or dark rust rebar comes to mind .

Cross cut 1/2 x 1/4 cutter leaves little nicks sticking out . ***** Willow , Leafless vine stems . Rock cutting diamond / carbide rope , and reeds are doable on the proper colors .

Sorry for the crapo shots , I took many , in many formats , over an hour and a half . The clearest are through the prescription bottles .

Richie Dost