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Re: WGH 2021 Virtual Show
« Reply #15 on: April 18, 2021, 08:13:07 PM »
Hey, I would have never known that Caboose Stop has N scale from the website:

Maybe the main site needs a little tweaking.

Better?  :trollface:

(with Darth Vader breathing in the background)

Yeah months of trying different mics and mic placements.. I have been equally frustrated by it.. I finally made a fix to minimize that last week (push to talk button).

As far as sitting through 15 minutes.. If I need to play one back to find something I play it at 2x speed..

As much as I'd like to see stock lists.. or an on line store,   There is just too much inventory and stuff moves in and out to try to maintain a text list.  We've been trying to keep up with Atlas O and MTH and that has been hard enough...

I have the same struggles as @C855B on trying to integrate technology into the store....

Historically (until the last couple years) N scale has been the smallest segment of business.. but after bringing in several large N scale collections..  Our N scale following has grown quite a bit... Youtube has helped it grow even more.
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Dear Intermountain.. Please cancel your N scale 4785s.. That ship has already left China..... Twice...