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The announcement from Rapido Trains:
Today this highly accurate and detailed model was announced by Rapido Trains.
Specifically, the car will be a Santa Fe Class Rr-56 reefer. The prototype cars first appeared in 1955. Even today some of these cars serve on the Burlington Northern as buffer cars and M-O-W cars, a role they also had on the Santa Fe.
These cars overlap the ice bunker refrigerator car era by twenty years and these mechanical reefers could be seen trains mixed in with the ice bunker cars.
With a very little work this car can be converted into Class Rr-60 and Rr-61 mechanical reefers.
Santa Fe converted many of these cars into Class Bx-165 and Bx-202 insulated boxcars.
I am very proud to have been very involved in making this car a reality.
I started this project about five years ago, pitching it to Craig Walker when he was working in Athearn's Project Development. It was close to being "green lighted" when, several years ago, Horizon Hobby dismissed Craig and a few others in that group. This was totally sudden and unexpected.
Craig soon took a position with Rapido Trains. This allowed me to again pitch this project and I found a willing listener in John Sheridan at Rapido. As John gained interest in the project I provided a rationale as to why this would be a profitable venture, plus data, details and photos.
I was soon joined by John B. Moore, Greg Silva, and Keith Jordan, all of whom were a wealth of knowledge, resources and suggestions, and were quick to respond to Rapido's questions and needs. Later on, Steve Sandifer and John Signor also contributed to this project.
And now we have the car!
By the way, I have no financial connection to Rapido Trains.
Bob Chaparro
Railroad Citrus Industry Modeling Group


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Re: Santa Fe Mechanical Refrigerator Car: Coming Soon In HO Scale
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2021, 11:49:32 AM »
The Sound Board/Speaker is $15????

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Re: Santa Fe Mechanical Refrigerator Car: Coming Soon In HO Scale
« Reply #2 on: March 24, 2021, 09:08:58 PM »
Wow ! Am I witnessing the fact that we've entered a new era of digital MRRing by the addition of sound [decoder/speaker/freight-truck wheel-pickup, et al] to rolling stock which would in fact have sound, on the 1:1 scale, even while stopped ?!
If so, I guess it'd be nice to own at least one of these babies with, say, live stock/horses neighing//coal hopper chute racket//mech.reefer and, what ? What else ?! Hmmmm....crew farting over beans in caboose (Incl. 'scent oil' packet / added into stove stack) ? ....
I dunno,...Maybe 1 for $75-80 a very lush, built up spur scene..But honestly, I believe this may be taking it a tad too far to become commonplace on anything but wealthier club layouts...And then there is its 'fuel' use..I mean: volts remaining-for-loco/s,..motor--wise..
Can we have, say 7 loaded cattle cars/sound drain TTL current on a moving train without consequence ? I'll bet it would max out an NCE PowerCab where then a booster would be next expense (at what ?, another $50.00 ?)..
But it was inevitable, I suppose..Why not ? Sure...OK...... I guess.....I mean they do look n'''ice..! Detail will be kill !!