Author Topic: Bachmann 4-8-4 2nd run Banana loco  (Read 1843 times)

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Re: Bachmann 4-8-4 2nd run Banana loco
« Reply #15 on: May 09, 2021, 04:10:48 AM »
So now we have a new motor, the motor now gets power but the wheels move when you have it upside down off the track with power directly applied. Putting it on the track with the front truck of the tender attached via the draw bar - it wants to move and occasionally does.  So now the focus is on the drivers, the mechanism journals (cut outs) and  gears. This one has metal gears on the drivers and plastic within the mechanism connected to a brass worm. There is a lot of play up and down with the drivers. It may well be that the journals (axle cutouts) are too worn. Basically this thing is a basket case but it is interesting. These early run Bachmann 4-8-4's are a bit crap eh!  :D :D