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Station Door
« on: September 20, 2020, 07:22:19 AM »
This unexpected addition was conceived as I began modifying an Overton combine to serve as the Train Ride Station. It occurred to me that the sliding baggage door could be animated, functioning much like the roll-up doors I did for the firehouse on the White River and Northern IV, except sideways.

First, I removed the baggage door from the combine with a sharp knife. Then I created a pair of tracks using Evergreen styrene angles (above).

From a spare baggage car, I extracted a new door, and shaped it until it slid in the track perfectly. Then I attached a small bit of brass tubing (above).

I created the mechanism from a low-RPM geared motor by attaching an eccentric crank made from bent brass tuning. I also added a limit switch to stop the motor in the fully-open or -closed positions (above).

After installing the mechanism under the combine, I connected the drive to the door with a bit of brass wire shaped like a staple (above).