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Desk Fan
« on: September 20, 2020, 07:08:21 AM »
This was not planned on appearing on the layout. In fact, it started out as a kind of joke. I'd just finished the window fans, when my protégé Cody remarked, facetiously, "Now make a desk fan. That oscillates." He was expecting an acerbic retort, but instead saw me staring off into space and going, "Hmmm..."

About an hour later, I finished a functional proof-of-concept mechanism (above). Although terribly crude and not expected to be used for anything but testing, it nevertheless spurred me on to Version 2.0 (below), which will appear in the Foxx and Vollmer Attorneys office, along with a classic green banker's desk lamp.

Next, I completed the drive mechanism.

But while I was installing the fan in the building, I slipped with a tool and demolished it. Undaunted, I started over, taking the opportunity to make improvements.