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Conrail OCS Website
« on: August 15, 2020, 02:48:20 PM »
Hi everyone,

Everyone once and a while I see some asking about my old website, Wes Reminder Online, that featured lots of Conrail OCS information and photos. I'm glad to say that I have started a new website for anyone that is interested in the Conrail business train. This site is a much deeper dive into the train and its operations. I'm adding to the site usually on the weekends, today I posted about the Conrail E8A 4021. I'll eventually have all of the cars, E8As, and all of my HO models of the train. I'm including diagrams, technical data, histories, first hand stories, and photos of the train. Chip Syme has graciously provided some of his photo for the site and they look great. I also have my photos of the train for you to view. Those interior views are always hard to come by, so I'll be adding more in time.

If you have any photos or stories about the OCS train to share, I'm happy to hear about them and add them.

Since I'm not on Facebook, I can't really let people know, so here you go. 

Here are some pages you might like to start with:

Conrail business train operations:

An all around look at Conrail 1, the heavyweight observation car:

And my HO scale model of Conrail:

I kindly ask that everyone link to my pages instead of copying and placing them on other sites. I'm also happy to answer questions about my models or the train.

I also have some photos of the Norfolk Southern 611 if the OCS isn't your thing!

Wes R