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Re: CN Grande Cache Subdivision
« Reply #30 on: May 04, 2021, 11:28:27 PM »
Thanks Otto, always interested in suggestions outside of the box! 

For what it is worth, here is a shot of the electrical box (+internet mess) in question:

The west and east slope aspect is surprisingly tricky to handle.  The way I am envisioning it now is to have a summit helix that moves from the lower to upper deck.  That way both decks have a similar overall climb/descent which is prototypical.  My thinking has been that the two terminal yards are best located on the outside of he layout with the more generous space for operators there.  This partly offsets the disadvantage of having stacked yards.

As I learn more about operations on the prototype, I am coming to understand that Winniandy is likely to have less yard activity and will be more of a location to originate and terminate whole trains.  By contrast, Swan Landing seems to be a hub of activity where congestion has led CN to add additional tracks in recent years.  That sounds like a great prototype for operational interest.

While I'm at it, here is the space right now viewed from the sitting area space.  Unimpressive but lots of potential.

Consider rotating your panel sideways, and keeping the top row of breakers at 5'6 it would meet code, and move all the shaw/telus stuff higher. Luckily your feed comes in at the top allowing you to rotate it around the top corner.  Might buy you enough height, and if that is a subpanel like it looks, its super easy to do.  If thats your main panel from the meter its more tricky with it being more complicated to shutdown for the move, but still possible.
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Re: CN Grande Cache Subdivision
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@Cajonpassfan Otto, you are right, I need to get in with a measuring tape.  The electrical is clearly higher than 6'.  I am 6'6" and I am looking up at some of it.  Pretty sure the ceiling is 8'- my skull knows an 8' ceiling when it doesn't feel one :D.

@kevlarcat It is the main panel for the house.  Rotating the box is probably possible given how much wire they used, and I agree the internet mess could be moved or rearranged.  The house was wired with a lot of coax and cat5 at some stage and I have been trying to sort out what is what to clean it up.  You can see the coax I have thinned out already on the floor and there are five lines that go outside where they are cut. Getting the fiber optic extended to relocate the entire mess is one option I am looking at.

In the end, I'm not interested in a situation where the scenery is compromised because I have to have the electrical box exposed.  I like the idea of using the corner and wall to the left of the box as open staging if it makes sense in the overall plan, but I'll take less layout over having a layout with a box exposed.  With the amount of space I have to work with, I'm tempted to leave the corner as proposed in the draft layout plan I posted.