Author Topic: Briggs Models CP EMD GP20C-ECO Kits in N/HO  (Read 302 times)

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Briggs Models CP EMD GP20C-ECO Kits in N/HO
« on: March 15, 2020, 05:07:59 PM »
Hello All

Here is a sneak peek of the Briggs Models N scale kit of the CP EMD GP20C-ECO. The kit will include a shell, fuel tank, etched hand rails and detail parts. The modeller will need to supply the chassis.

This is a limited run and only 50 kits will be made in each scale. 

It is priced at $110 for the N scale version and $130 for the HO.

The N scale kit will be designed for the Atlas GP-9 chassis. The HO kit will be designed for the Life Like or Athearn GP9 chassis.

No cash up front from anyone. Once the models have been completed and ready for purchase, I will contact you. Only those who have contacted me and reserved the kits will be able to purchase them.

If you are interested in reserving this kit please email me your contact information, scale and the number of kits you might be interested in.

Kind regards,

Chris Dittmar