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Re: Bachmann Steamer driving rod screws
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   I'm pretty shure it's still at the museum , but it's undercover now .

Yes, it is at ORM.  Not under cover (they have no cover) but wrapped in plastic.  At the end of service, it was stored for many years, then moved in the 1940's to the Ohio State Fairgrounds where it was used as a meeting room for a local group of railfans.  But while there it was heavily vandalized to the point of just being a shell.  The railfans moved it to Worthington and started a restoration that led to the piece being the museum's first and most prized piece of operating equipment starting in 1951.  I would suspect it's in worst for wear condition under that plastic.  Perhaps one day it will see the light of day again and operated.  In the meantime, the museum folk, with their very limited resources, understand what the have - the last surviving wood interurban out of the hundreds that plied the plains and hills of Ohio in the first part of the 20th century. 




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Re: Bachmann Steamer driving rod screws
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And since this thread has drifted this far, I will note that Illinois Railway Museum has a bunch of wood interurbans in running condition, properly stored in their 4 miles of covered track space.  Not only can you see these restored beauties, but they have run them in service in as much as a four car train!  IRM knows how to take care of them.
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