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Loco-specific min radius in Z
« on: January 13, 2020, 01:36:44 PM »
Hi everyone!
I'm mostly a newbie to train layouts (though not to models/dioramas) and decided to do my dream Z scale layout. It builds on this track plan, but slightly larger (24"x42") and packs in skyscrapers, oceans, and big mountains (ie ~3-4" of track elevation change, 5 levels, many tunnels). Though I'm more into the overall layout/scenery than just the RR itself, I would like to end up with 2 trains that run!

I have been struggling to keep turns reasonable and in a few places (<10 pieces) slipped down to 145mm / 5.7", 45 degree pieces. I would really love to run something like the Marklin 88711 Amtrak ICE, but the manufacturer lists it as "min turn radius 195mm". Do you have some insights on

(1) whether I might get away with a few 145mm sections (no more than 2 in sequence), medium speed, and with only the 2 cars + 2 locos?

(2) whether having 2 locos in this set would help me much with with gradients? I must say I'm pushing around 3 degrees in a couple places (all straight or 195mm).

(3, unrelated) as Z trains and starter sets are a rarity, do you mostly look on ebay for Z locos and track bundles, or is there another place worth checking?

Sadly there's no shops running Z scale in western NY and not having a train set yet (waiting for a good starter set to pop up) makes it hard to build intuition.
Thank you so much!!
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