Author Topic: Looking for info on typical Queen Mary manifests  (Read 247 times)

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Looking for info on typical Queen Mary manifests
« on: January 05, 2020, 05:00:15 AM »
No, not the ship. The mammoth Pennsy depressed-center flat car nicknamed the Queen Mary!

I recently ordered a N Scale Kits FD2 "Queen Mary" kit. I plan to paint it in PC green and run it behind PC and early Conrail power. While I wait for it to arrive from the UK (and the load and T-1 trucks from Shapeways), I've been looking for photos of the car in a train. I can find photos of it stationary, in storage, at a destination, in preservation, etc. but none of it underway. Which brings me to my question: When the FD2 was underway with a load, what was the rest of the consist? There would be a caboose of course, but were there spacer cars and contractor cars like on many modern high and wide moves? My current idea of a Queen Mary consist would go something like this:

Loco(s) - gon or flat - FD2 - gon or flat - dormitory car - caboose

Sound about right, or were things different in the 70s & 80s? I've noticed on modern high and wides the load is sometimes by itself behind the loco with no spacers or support cars, or sometimes even in the middle of a freight consist.