Author Topic: Paint Mixture for Weathered Concrete  (Read 908 times)

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Paint Mixture for Weathered Concrete
« on: December 23, 2019, 03:23:37 PM »
Anyone have a mixing ratio for weathered concrete using either Vallejo or Model Master paint?  It must be those paints because they are the only ones I have access to.


tom mann

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Re: Paint Mixture for Weathered Concrete
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2019, 07:40:10 PM »
I would start with a mix of their Sand (Ivory) and Grey.  Maybe 50/50? Mix in some Panzer Grey if you want it to be darker.  Chances are, what you're going for isn't uniform, so some rust or black colored streaking applied after the initial base layer can be added in moderation to get you exactly what you want.