Author Topic: M-T couplers for Athearn Tank Train cars  (Read 1174 times)

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Re: M-T couplers for Athearn Tank Train cars
« Reply #15 on: September 06, 2019, 11:11:57 PM »
For drooping couplers, 7you could also try shimming them.  That won't work for MT couplers, but for Accumates and McHenrys it can be done.  Excess vertical play will cause the coupler to droop. 

I found that out building extended coupler pockets for boxcars.  K&S 3/32 by 3/16 rectangular brass tube works great, but needs a 0.005 shim inside to keep Accumates from drooping.

What would you suggest for shim material that's thin enough?

I ran the Tank Train sets on the BSMRRM N scale layout again this past Wednesday. The good news is that snugging up the draft gear box covers worked for all but two couplers, and there were no uncouplings even on the ruling 3% grade. I'd still like to fix the two remaining drooping couplers since they don't look right. I think shims would be fine for these, since dummy couplers or Accumates would likely do the same thing. Here's a picture of one such coupling.

It does look like GATX 48701's coupler is angling up, but that may be caused by the other car's coupler angling down. If not, a shim above the coupler or loosening the DGB cover will fix that.


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Re: M-T couplers for Athearn Tank Train cars
« Reply #16 on: September 07, 2019, 03:47:13 AM »
I'd start with 0.005" styrene (Evergreen) or brass, as 0.01" would probably be too thick.  If it isn't enough, you can always try thicker stuff.  If 0.005 is too thick, and the coupler binds, I have no idea where to buy thinner brass, although I know they used to sell it in some hobby shops.

On a McHenry coupler, you could also try bending the shank, but I'm afraid it would break rather than bend.
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