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CSX Safety Train
« on: August 18, 2019, 08:37:10 PM »
A few months ago, I decided to delve into the modern era, a departure from my transition era history, by purchasing two Scale Trains CSX GEVOs. I like long trains, but soon discovered the high cost of assembling a reasonable length consist of modern era rolling stock.  Problem solved: I found a reasonably prototypical short train on ebay: a six car consist of CSX Safety Training Cars, custom decorated and beautifully executed.  This shaky, hand held iPhone video doesn't do them justice: 
I'd like to build one or two flatcar based "dome cars" but can't find any photos that show them clearly or completely enough to work from.  If anyone can point me to good photos or better, plans, I really appreciate it.  Also, if anyone on the Forum built these models, please step up and get the credit you deserve.  I believe the ebay source was a reseller.