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Re: Somewhere North Jersey
« Reply #15 on: September 03, 2019, 01:15:27 AM »
Got around to tackling my least favorite step in the process. I did something completely different for this side compared to the other, (good thing In my head both sides represent different railroads) Instead of screwing around with dabbing a wash on the ballast I simply tumbled the weather powder on a light WS ballast.

And with that ordeal out of the way I went back to my scatterbrain off the cuff scenery planning. Plans originally was for the scenery tracks to go along the length of the layouts backdrop but I figured I could kill two birds with one stone by making it the disappearing point for trains going around the curve on this end.

And with some foam work here are the tunnels. This is supposed to be the city scene, like Newark or Hoboken or some other, I just kinda blanked out on the whole concept of leaving spaces for buildings so this platform here should remedy that. I'm going to use double track portals to avoid any issues with clearance, Chooch's portals look the part of just slightly wider singles luckily. Probably going to have to see if I'm using thin styrene or some other bendy material for the tunnel walls before I go any further with foam. And fix my miscalculation of how far I needed to put filler ties.  :facepalm:

Using a slight variation of the same color ballast means the transition isn't that jarring and came out pretty good compared to the other side. Also tempermental bastard on its unofficial work bench.

And the bridge, in my head this is the Lackawanna Cutoff flying over through wherever city this is and the rural/ mountain part is...... idk I can justify it later. making finding a plate girder kit and making half the bridge less shiny is of greater concern.