Author Topic: My unorthodox Sound install ( Athearn Big Boy )  (Read 1260 times)

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Re: My unorthodox Sound install ( Athearn Big Boy )
« Reply #15 on: September 15, 2019, 08:21:23 PM »
Thanks for the advice and info.

I got my Challenger Jan 2009.  As I remember i has an incandescent lamp.  As I said, I'm waiting for a snowy winter day to tackle this.

I've used magnet wire in the past.  Mostly for body to shell connections.  Not much flexing but some when removing/installing the shell.  I guess it depends on the wire size, frequency of flex, radius of curvature where the flex occurs, etc.  This could be a real mechanical engineering, metallurgical exercise for someone.  However, think of the flex connectors on laptops and old flip phones.

As for the ever needed current limiting led resistor, I am pretty sure there is not one in the Tsunami TSU-4664N decoder.  My memory is that my original out of loco test of the Tsunami on my homemade decoder tester showed full brightness on the tester's leds.  This means, to me, only one current limiting source - my tester's resistor.

I have bookmarked this thread and will give a "winter" report on what happens.


PS for Woodone: What is "H/L" the opening with clear epoxy?  Apologies if it's a really dumb question.

H/L - HeadLight.  Not a standard abbreviation.  Not a dumb question. :)
He is proposing to use a dab of epoxy in the headlight opening as a replacement for the original clear lens.  But beware if using 5-minute epoxy all the various 5-minute epoxy brands I have ever used yellowed after couple of years.
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