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Briggs Models Summer Sale
« on: August 06, 2019, 02:42:24 PM »
Briggs Models needs to clear out some older stock in order to make room for our fall releases. We are having a summer sale on several N scale items. There are only a limited number of these kits remaining in stock and we won't be running any more in the foreseeable future so get them now.

S-13/RS23 (NK11-NK14) will receive a 25% discount. If you purchase 2 or more you will receive a 30% discount.  The kits include a body shell, with etched parts and handrails and is designed for the Life-Like SW9/1200 mechanism. The discount code is WENEKDDMSLL9.

SDL39 (NK16 single kit & NK30 2 kits) If you purchase one kit at full price, you get the second kit at 50% off. The kit includes parts for the body, fuel tank, etched parts for handrails and finer parts, a large weight, window glass template and 3-d printed chassis with trucks. The kits use an Atlas C-628/630 mechanism.

71' bulkhead flat cars (NK31 to NK40) are now available in 10 packs for a discount price of $260. You can mix and match the different styles of cars and save $4 per car. The discount code for this is YGEH06810B4W

Please contact me for further details at or see our website

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