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Re: "DCC in a box"
« Reply #75 on: June 03, 2019, 04:43:22 PM »
Adding some pics from my recent progress here.

I realized the thing was going to need a screwdriver. So I finally did "Step 2" and cut a hole in the box. The screwdriver is actually held in place with a hidden small strip of velcro.

More importantly I figured out how to seal up the edges of the deck. Instead of putting something on the deck itself, I applied some foam tape between the internal supports that extends beyond the deck lid. This allows me to control airflow (ie, limit it to the intake) which is important for proper cooling. I don't want the exhaust fan drawing in air that didn't circulate past the power supply, which is what was happening before I sealed it up. As part of this I also applied new covers over the openings: a grill and filter over the intake and a simple grill over the exhaust.

Also pictured here (but not yet attached) are the two handles I'm installing for lifting the deck off. I've been grabbing the PR3 to do it so far and I don't like that as a long-term solution. I DO want the deck easily removable though because I intend to use the interior space for storage of things like throttles between uses.

I'm definitely coming down the home stretch here. I think at this point the only tasks remaining are:
1. Source and install deck edging.
2. Build throttle pocket holders.
3. Source and install more permanent component storage inside the lid.

But none of those prevent it from being used.
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