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FEP Replacement Jig
« on: April 27, 2019, 01:32:31 PM »
Replacing the FEP is a simple yet tedious task.  It's simple because everything is done with machine screws.  Tedious because there are, I don't know, like 4 thousand of them!  (Ok, just 32, but still)

What makes it tricky is that you're not just laying the FEP between the two frames and screwing it all together; there needs to be a certain amount of tension.  This is easily done by placing a bottle cap under the FEP while you press the frame halves together and against a table.  However this means you're always pressing with one hand while trying to screw with the other...   :trollface: 

So, I built a jig to do the pressing for me.  Of course, this is after I just replaced all my FEPs, so hopefully it will be a while before I actually need to use it.  8)
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