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Re: Most valued car
« Reply #60 on: February 26, 2019, 08:26:14 PM »
Kind of overlooked this thread, as I read "valued " as "valuable".  There are some well chosen and great looking models on display. 

I have a weakness for tank cars and covered hoppers.  While not a head turner kind of model compared to many of today's offerings the long tanker on the bridge kind of took me out of the off-the-shelf kind of modeling to "doing something a bit different is fun" level.  It's a bit sobering to realize this model is nearing 30 year sold.  Ugh.

And while I no longer model the EL directly, I still treasure my attempt at an Erie Dunmore caboose using the venerable Santa Fe style caboose as a starting point.  I tried many different techniques and learned SO much building this model.  I also built some red ones in EL paint and another in the maroon / gray with a modernized rood top -  no running board or ladders to the roof level.  I sold it at online auction for $80 a few years ago, so maybe this one qualifies as my "most valuable" too.

I don't have photos of my early covered hopper forays handy but I did many of them about the same time as the EL caboose.  Most end ironwork on commercial models was pretty heavy handed.  My results were a big improvement, but now that I've learned to do artwork for brass etching . . . . .

The process to get to this one might make it the most valued model I own.  The late Bob Lucas, mentor to AC&Y fans everywhere shared lots of data to help me get this one as close to right as I could.  I can't help but think of Bob when I look at this project.  And The Railwire crowd convinced me to scrap casting flat parts to be assembled and go with a one piece casting.  A great call.  And now I have about a dozen of them!  Thanks guys.

Steve Holzheimer